Enjoy Cronut & Cruffin of the Month during Le Brunch!

Cronuts + Cruffins To-Go

Now you can pre-order and enjoy our cronuts + cruffins of the month, anytime of the week! All we need is 48 hours advance notice. Guests can pick it up from our location between 11am-7pm everyday.

*Minimum of 6 cronuts or cruffins order required

This month's flavors


  • ✤ Strawberry Vanilla Cronut

    Vanilla Pastry Cream, Strawberry & Rose Water Jam, Strawberry Glaze, Creme Fraiche Chantilly, Strawberry Pearls

  • ✤ Chocolate Pomegranate Cruffin

    Pomegranate Mousse, Chocolate Cheesecake Filling, Vanilla Bean Chantilly

  • ✤ Orange Pistachio Spiral Croissant

    Orange Mascarpone Mousse, Pistachio Pastry Cream, Dark Chocolate, Roasted Pistachio (only available on weekends)


*Flavors change on the 1st of every month. If ordering for pick up the following month, you will receive the flavors for that month, not the current month. 

Order Details
$9 each, Minimum 6 each